Northern Lights Rosewood XVI

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Rosewood Memorial XVI                                 Northern Lights Summer Midreign 

7-10 July 2016

Swiss Sportsman Club at Bonney Lake, Washington

Northwest Amtgard's Full Weekend Roleplay Campout is now in its fifteenth year! This year, we bring you Tyranny of Dragons!

If you like roleplay and plenty of stick-swinging fun, you don't want to miss this event! 

We will be using the following documents (click links to view) as base rules. 

Rules of Play 8

Doun Avathar 10 

If you have questions this site can't answer, contact us.  

Event Fees

Attendees Prepay $35 until 11 June 2017, $40 cash at gate.  Online prepays may be available soon.    

Day Trip - $18 per person 14 and up (or event participating), $15 per person 5-13, Sunday only day trip (beginning at 10 AM - Free)

Under 5 - Free.

RV Hookups - $15 per day additional

No refunds will be available once prepaid or paid. No person shall receive more than one discount on Rosewood gate fee.

Registration opens no earlier than 2 PM Thursday. Pack out by 3 PM Sunday afternoon.  

All persons under 18 years of age who wish to attend Rosewood without a parent must bring a signed permission slip with them to gate. No person under the age of 14 will be permitted to attend Rosewood without a parent or legal guardian. Click here for permission slip.

Any person who is known to be under attendance suspension by any Kingdom or Principality of any LARP may not be allowed to attend Rosewood during the period of said suspension.


If you would like to volunteer at this event, we still have openings on each team for gate, first aid response, cleanup, setup, reeves, NPC's, donation meals, and feast servers. Feel free to contact us.  

This section is undergoing adjustments, please bear with us. 

Spaces in merchants' row will be available for $35 this year (comes with one event pass, additional $30 if your booth requires RV hookups), reservable until 19 June. Any spaces remaining will be available on a first come, first served basis at $40 (comes with one event pass, additional $30 if your booth requires RV hookups). No sales of alcoholic beverages permitted, whether you have a license or not.  Bake sales and sales of packaged foods are acceptable without licensing. To reserve a space, please contact us and include the size space you need. You may advertise your wares or mercenary availability at no charge on our classified ad page, by sending your request here.

Department Leaders

Aristiri - Autocrat 

Vaune Shadowglave - Co-Autocrat 

Darrian - Quest and Random Encounters

Asinann - Rules, Reeves, Tournaments, and Weapons Checks 

Hawk - Security

Drake - First Aid Situations

Merlot - Kitchens and Meals

MarQ - Gate

Klepto - Northern Lights Summer Dragonmaster 

Gordon - Green Team

Kitheria - Merchants Row 

Butterfly - Main Feast 

Prepay Personnel

This section is undergoing adjustments, please bear with us. 

Northern Lights

Gypsy Hollow -  Azul Starlight

Inland Ocean - 

Shrouding Mist - Kitheria King

Greenwood Keep - Faraque Corinthar

Gilded Groves - Amaryliss

Dragons of Fire Valley - Runesilver Dragon

Mithril Hills -  Darrian de Craymore

Roving - Aristiri, MarQ


Viridian Outlands

Western Lands - 

Eastern Lands - Theron



Northern Lands - 

Southern Lands - Thornessa Kingsmen, Vaune Shadowglave 

Online Prepay May Be Available Soon.

Rosewood XI Group Photo

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